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Kodak DCS (ProBack, 14n, SLR/n)
Firmware, internals, sensor remap
Custom firmwares for Kodak DCS Pro 14n(x), SLR/n and SLR/c cameras  
15th-Apr-2014 03:07 pm

Custom firmwares for Kodak DCS Pro 14n(x), SLR/n and SLR/c cameras

Here you will find a custom build firmwares for the above Kodak cameras with modifications to fix or remove ceratin limitations.

Installation procedure for all these is the same as for standard Kodak firmwares - it needs to be copied on card and updated twice from the camera menus.

Firmware 5.4.10

Firmware 5.4.10 for Kodak DCS Pro 14n(x)
Firmware 5.4.10 for Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n
Firmware 5.4.10 for Kodak DCS Pro SLR/c

This firmware has two changes:

  • Removed the popup message about long exposure time exceeded for the selected settings (it is annoying when it pops up in a middle of the shoot) - only for 14n and SLR/n

  • Removed 10 bit lossy compression so DCR files are losless 12 bit files now

WARNING: After upgrading the firmware, do not use the card with compressed 10 bit DCR files taken before upgrade in camera. Attempting to view them in camera on a new firmware could lock up the camera and require reboot by pulling up the battery. The same goes to the downgrade firmware back to 5.4.9 (or any other older version) and 12 bit DCR files on a card.

Patches to address limitations in Kodak Photodesk handling 12 bit uncompressed DCR files:

  • Kodak Photodesk out of the box cannot handle their uncompressed preview properly so thumbnails and fast mode in it shows overexposed image. I have patched Kodak DCS Pro Photodesk (Windows) to work properly with those 12 bit images if someone needs to use it in those affected modes. The patch contains a DLL that needs to be dropped in Photodesk directory on Windows overriding existing one there.

Starting with Adobe Lightroom 6.0, ACR 9.0 and DNG Converter 9.0 the patchers are no longer needed - the uncompressed DCR files are handled properly.

The factory mode enabling firmwares

These are available as part of the DCS Remap software (included in its download) for Kodak DCS Proback 645 M/C/H, 14n, 14nx, SLR/n and SLR/c cameras.

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